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We take an extended time to carefully assess, diagnose and manage any foot problems present. The biomechanical assessment involves a comprehensive history-taking, appropriate foot assessments including joint range of motion testing, functional tests and digital video gait analysis, and discussion of overall outcome goals and treatment options available.

Treatments can include custom or semi-custom orthotics, rock taping, rigid sports strapping, dry needling, foot mobilisation techniques, footwear recommendations, activity modification and stretching programs. Custom orthotics are made with the use of the latest 3D scanning technology and the highest-quality materials. In some cases, orthotics for plantar fasciitis may be required in addition to other treatments.


General treatment can cover a variety of skin and nail issues that may be caused by abnormal foot biomechanics, improper footwear, genetics or joint deformities. We can treat a wide range of problems including corns and calluses, ingrown toenails, thickened/disfigured nails, verrucae (warts), fungal nail infections and heels fissures.


Diabetes can affect almost every part of the human body- even the feet. A diabetes assessment involves a thorough history of all relevant medical history. Tests will be performed to assess the level of sensation and circulation of the lower limbs and feet, and a check-up of the health of skin and nails. Diabetes assessments with a podiatrist are an essential part of diabetes management and should be performed every six-twelve months in most cases. Education will be provided to help manage any current issues and prevent long term complications.